Corporate 5G Training Subscription

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Receive unlimited access to all 50+ 5G, QXDM, and other wireless courses through our Corporate 5G Training Subscription! All training is online, self-paced, and taught by experienced engineers from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Training areas include foundational 5G technical training, special topics in 5G, QXDM, and hands-on log analysis and troubleshooting courses.

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Corporate 5G Training Subscription Overview:

We built this subscription to offer a premier training experience for companies around the world. By enrolling in this subscription, you and your colleagues will receive in-depth and premium 5G technical training by gaining access to dozens of foundational courses, advanced trainings, and hands-on log analysis workshops. This unique training experience can help you and your colleagues build the skills you need to excel in your field.


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Important Prerequisites:

  • Only Offered through Companies: We can only sell this subscription to companies looking for training for their employees. We offer an Individual 5G Training Subscription for those not seeking training through their company, which does not require an NDA or additional agreement.
  • Minimum of Three People: We require a minimum of three people from a company to purchase this subscription.


Pricing & Details:

  • Pricing: We offer the following pricing for this subscription.
    • 3+ Licenses: $3,000 / person
    • 10+ Licenses: $2,400 / person
    • 25+ Licenses: $1,440 / person
    • 50+ Licenses: $1,200 / person
  • Course Access: Our pricing includes one year of unlimited access to all courses listed below. Please note that any course added throughout the duration of your subscription will be included in your package as well. However, access to that newly added course will expire when your subscription expires.


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What’s Included in This Subscription?

By purchasing this subscription, your team will have access to all 50+ eLearning courses in our course catalog, including the following. Please click on any link below to view course outlines that interest you.


Introductory-Level 5G Training:

  1. 5G Primer
  2. Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G
  3. Introduction to C-V2X


Core Foundational 5G Technical Training:

  1. 5G NR Technical Training
  2. 5G NR Release 16 Technical Training


Further Foundational 5G Technical Training:

  1. 5G NR Air Interface Training
  2. 5G NR Call Processing: Non-Standalone Mode
  3. 5G NR Call Processing: Standalone Mode
  4. 5G NR for Industrial IoT Technical Training
  5. 5G NR Release 16 Air Interface Training
  6. Location and Positioning Technical Training


Special Topics in 5G:

  1. 5G Core Network Training
  2. 5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)
  3. 5G Network Planning Workshop
  4. 5G NR Beam Management and Mobility
  5. 5G NR Capacity Planning
  6. 5G NR Massive MIMO and Active Antenna Systems
  7. 5G NR Multi-Access Edge Computing
  8. 5G NR Network Slicing Overview
  9. 5G Small Cells Training
  10. C-V2X Technical Training Seminar
  11. Carrier Aggregation & Dual-Connectivity in 5G NR
  12. mmWave Link Budget & RF Network Design Consideration
  13. Packet Switched Fallback (Data and Voice) Training
  14. URLLC Training
  15. Virtualized RAN (vRAN) Technical Training
  16. Voice Options for 5G: Non-Standalone Mode
  17. VoNR Technical Training


QXDM Log Analysis Training:

  1. QXDM 5G Log Analysis Training
  2. QXDM 4G Log Analysis Training
  3. QXDM Advanced Technical Training


5G Log Analysis Workshops (Hands-On):

  1. 5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) Log Analysis Training
  2. 5G Log Analysis for Standalone Mode Workshop
  3. 5G NR Beam Management and Mobility Log Analysis Workshop
  4. 5G NR Carrier Aggregation Log Analysis Workshop
  5. 5G NR Massive MIMO Log Analysis Workshop
  6. 5G NR NSA Log Analysis Workshop: mmWave
  7. 5G NR NSA Log Analysis Workshop: Sub-6
  8. 5G NR Sub-6 and mmWave Dual Connectivity: Log Analysis
  9. Packet Switched Fallback (Data & Voice) Log Analysis Workshop
  10. VoNR Log Analysis Workshop


5G Troubleshooting Workshops (Hands-On):

  1. 5G NR NSA Troubleshooting Workshop: mmWave
  2. 5G NR NSA Troubleshooting Workshop: Sub-6


Other Wireless Training Courses Included:

  1. Wi-Fi 6 Technical Training
  2. Variety of LTE Training Courses


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