5G NR Technical Training

If you are an engineer who wants to work with 5G technology, this course is a must! In this workshop, we introduce 5G NR, then discuss the details of network architecture, mmWave, beamforming and massive MIMO, physical layer, NR upper layers, mobility, and voice. We then end with a look at deployment considerations.

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Why Take This Course?

  • Enhance your industry knowledge and skills by gaining a greater understanding of 5G and wireless engineering.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless engineering.
  • Participate in a professional development opportunity you can display on your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to 5G NR
  • Discussion of the following in detail:
    • Network architecture
    • mmWave
    • Beamforming and massive MIMO
    • Physical layer
    • NR upper layers
    • Mobility and voice
  • Close look at deployment considerations



  • Basic LTE and LTE Advanced Technical Knowledge



  • Discuss 5G vision, motivation, spectrum, and use cases.
  • Explain the 3GPP technical standards and timeline for 5G NR.
  • Introduce the key 5G NR technology enablers.
  • Describe the key design principles of the 5G Core network.
  • Compare the 5G Core with the EPC from LTE.
  • Explain the RAN Evolution as well as RAN split options – both upper layer and lower layer.
  • Discuss NSA and SA Deployment Options.
  • Describe the motivation behind mmWave in 5G NR.
  • Explain mmWave RF characteristics.
  • Discuss mmWave antenna choice.
  • Discuss the motivation behind beamforming for 5G NR.
  • Describe beamforming techniques.
  • Discuss benefits and challenges of M-MIMO.
  • Describe Massive MIMO in 5G NR.
  • Discuss 5G NR reference signals and channels.
  • Explain cell acquisition and the role of synchronization signal blocks for initial access.
  • Describe contention based and contention free 5G NR RACH procedures.
  • Discuss DL data channel operation.
  • Explain UL channels.
  • Describe upper layers of the 5G NR Protocol stack.
  • Review the RLC and MAC functions.
  • List key PDCP functions.
  • Discuss the new Layer 2 protocol for QoS in 5GC.
  • Explain 5GNR idle mode mobility in NSA and SA modes.
  • Describe connected mode mobility in both NSA and SA modes and the measurement event triggers related to mobility.
  • Discuss Intra-NR and Inter-RAT mobility.
  • Describe lower layer beam mobility and related procedures.
  • Discuss voice options for NSA Mode UEs.
  • Describe SA mode voice options in SA Mode.
  • Outline NSA mobility scenarios during simultaneous voice and data services.
  • Discuss 5G deployment options and transition paths.
  • Review 5G coverage improvement techniques.
  • Describe TDD considerations for deployment.
  • Provide an outlook on upcoming 3GPP releases.
  • List relevant 5G NR features and enhancements.


***NOTE: This course is taught through our eLearning platform, so you may learn online and at your own pace. You will have access to all course material for one year from your date of purchase. If you are interested in live training for a group of at least 15 people, please contact us via the “Request Training” form at the top of the page.

Course Information

Duration: 8 Hours
Price : $695
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