5G NR Beam Management and Mobility Log Analysis Workshop

Enhance your team’s technical skills and understanding of beam management and mobility with this half-day course that covers the basics of beam management and EN-DC mobility log analysis.

man on tablet performing 5G log analysis with factory in background

Why Take This Course?

  • Enhance your industry knowledge and skills by gaining a greater understanding of Beam Management and Mobility Log Analysis.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless engineering.
  • Learn online and at your own pace with our flexible eLearning format. Or, set up a live training session for groups of at least 15 people.


Course Outline and Objectives:

  • Cover beam management log analysis and EN-DC mobility log analysis.
  • Review SSB beam selection and acquisition (CBR, CFR).
  • Discuss Beam Management related UE capabilities.
  • Describe TCI states and QCL relation between RSs.
  • Explain CSI-RS, SSB measurement and reporting for Beam Management (aperiodic, periodic).
  • Discuss beam refinement and beam switching procedures (MAC CE, RRC).
  • Explain beam failure detection and recovery (SSB based).
  • Discuss mobility scenarios for EN-DC.
  • Explain the call flows for mobility scenarios and analyze the logs.
  • Describe RLF scenarios and analyze the logs.



Course Information

Duration: 3-4 Hours
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