VoNR Log Analysis Workshop

VoNR is the technology of choice to carry voice over 5G NR networks. This hands-on workshop features SIP message details as well as log details of VoNR procedures and call scenarios. This course requires knowledge of VoNR and 5G NR Standalone Call Processing and does not cover any deployment specific or vendor specific features.

man near cell tower performing 5G log analysis

Why Take This Course?

  • Enhance your industry knowledge and skills by gaining a greater understanding of VoNR Log Analysis.
  • Train with engineers at Qualcomm Technologies – a world leader in 5G technology and wireless engineering.
  • Learn online and at your own pace with our flexible eLearning format. Or, set up a live training session for groups of at least 15 people.


Course Outline & Objectives:

  • Learn why Voice Over New Radio (VoNR) is the technology of choice to carry voiceover 5G NR networks.
  • Study SIP message details, log details of VoNR procedures, and call scenarios.
  • Review 5G Initial Registration Procedure.
  • Study voice capabilities negotiation and exchange during initial registration, including the following:
    • UE’s NAS
    • RRC layer voice capabilities
    • 5GC voice capabilities
  • Discuss Voice Domain selection of UE.
  • Go over IMS PDU session establishment procedure.
  • Learn about the P-CSCF discovery mechanism.
  • Study the IMS registration and re-registration process.
  • Learn how to analyze the following logs:
    • IMS PDU session establishment
    • P-CSCF discovery,
    • IMS registration
    • IMS re-registration
  • Discuss VoNR Call Setup procedure and VoNR Call Termination.
  • Study emergency calls over VoNR.
  • Review VoNR conference call scenarios
  • Study simultaneous voice and data scenarios.
  • Review SMS over IMS scenario.
  • Detail Codec changes based on RF coverage.
  • Describe Short PDCP/RLC Sequence Number.
  • Study VoNR-Specific CDRX.
  • Learn about Packet Bundling.
  • Learn about the details of Robust Overhead Compression (ROHC).
  • Study VoNR Mobility possibilities.
  • Review UE logs for different VoNR mobility scenarios: Intra NR mobility and IRAT Mobility: VoNR to VoLTE.
  • Discuss non-3GPP mobility scenarios (VoWi-Fi).
  • Study IMS message details.
  • Study Log details of VoNR procedures.



  • You are a network engineer, systems engineer, technical manager, or other professional working with VoNR technology.
  • You have prior knowledge of VoNR and 5G NR Standalone Call Processing.
  • Please note that this course does not cover any deployment-specific or vendor-specific features.
  • This course is part of our corporate program, so your company will need to sign an NDA to access it.

Course Information

Duration: 3-4 Hours
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