5G Associate-Level Certification FAQs

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About QWA’s 5G Associate-Level Certification:

What topics are covered under this certification program?

QWA’s 5G Associate-Level Certification is a comprehensive program covering a wide range of topics, including 5G technology fundamentals, 5G architecture, mmWave and massive MIMO, beam management, 5G air interface operation, E2E 5G signaling flows, 5G protocol stack, and 5G features such as BWP, mobility, and voice. Moreover, all exam questions are pulled from three prep courses, which are outlined on our 5G Associate Certification page.

Who should enroll in QWA’s 5G Associate-Level Certification?

This certification program is meant for engineers who would like to broaden their 5G knowledge and become more well-rounded wireless engineers. Specifically, if you are looking to expand your knowledge and skills in the areas listed in the question above, this program may be for you.

As a wireless engineer, what are the benefits of receiving QWA’s 5G Associate-Level Certification?

Receiving a comprehensive certification from a world leader in 5G is an excellent way to boost one’s knowledge and skills in a growing industry. It is also an ideal professional development opportunity that could help boost your professional portfolio.

As a company, why should my employees enroll in this certification?

Provide your employees with a premium skill development opportunity and show your key stakeholders that your engineers are certified by a 5G technology leader. Having your employees participate in this program will allow them to broaden their skillsets and receive training and certification directly from engineers at Qualcomm Technologies.


Prep Courses:

Do I have to take the prep courses to register for the exam?

No, you do not need to take the prep courses to take the exam. However, seeing as all exam questions are pulled from the three prep courses, we recommend taking them.

Do the prep courses come with study guides or notes?

The prep courses are all taught through our eLearning format and you will receive unlimited access to each course for one year from your date of purchase. Throughout that year, you may access each course as many times as you would like to listen to lectures, view slides, and take your own notes. The courses do not come with formal study guides or additional notes, but the slides consist of comprehensive notes and can act as sufficient study guides.

Are the prep courses only offered online?

For individuals, the prep courses are only offered online through our eLearning format. However, we offer live training for groups of at least 15 people. If you represent a company and would like to bring the prep courses to a group of employees, we would be happy to coordinate live training sessions for each course. The exam, however, must be taken virtually (see below for more details).

Who teaches the prep courses?

Each course is taught by a Qualcomm Technologies engineer with extensive 5G experience.

How long do I have access to each prep courses once I purchase?

You will have unlimited access to each course for one year from your date of purchase.


Is there a deadline for taking the exam once I purchase?

No, you may choose a date that works for you. Please keep in mind, though, that you have access to the prep courses for one year from the day you purchase the courses, so please choose an exam date accordingly.

How long is the exam?

You have two hours to complete approximately 80 multiple-choice questions.

How is the exam formatted? What types of questions are there?

All questions are in a multiple-choice format.

Am I allowed to have my notes while taking the exam?

This is a closed-book exam, so you may not have anything with you while taking it. The exam is proctored virtually through a video camera to ensure all rules are followed.

Is the exam proctored?

Yes, the exam is proctored virtually. This means you must take the exam at a computer with a video camera. When you sign up for your exam date, you will receive instructions for the day of the exam and what you need to do to make sure all rules are followed. 

Sign-Up Logistics:

How much do the exam and courses cost?

The exam and course pricing is laid out on our 5G Associate-Level Certification page. We sell the exam and courses as one package.

How do I select my exam date?

Once you purchase the certification, you may sign up for your exam at the top of the course page found under "My Courses." You will sign up for your date through the company proctoring the exam.

What if I want to reschedule my exam date?

You may reschedule your exam date if necessary through the company proctoring the exam. You will receive more information on this once you sign up for your date.

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