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In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key driver of innovation. To harness the power of AI, developers require robust software frameworks and tools. Qualcomm Technologies, a leading tech company, offers the Qualcomm AI Stack, a comprehensive software portfolio designed to optimize and deploy AI models across various platforms.

In this blog, we discuss the Qualcomm AI Stack, the benefits and features it brings to developers, and how you can receive free AI training with Qualcomm Academy.

What is the Qualcomm AI Stack?

The Qualcomm AI Stack is a unified software portfolio that caters to a wide range of platforms, including mobile, automotive, extended reality (XR), compute, IoT, and the cloud. It provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and resources to optimize and deploy AI models efficiently. The stack encompasses AI frameworks, runtimes, developer libraries, system software, and popular operating systems, making it a versatile solution for AI development.

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Benefits and Features of the Qualcomm AI Stack

  • Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere: One of the key advantages of the Qualcomm AI Stack is its support for popular operating systems across multiple platforms. Whether you are developing for mobile, compute, XR, IoT, automotive, or the cloud, the Qualcomm AI Stack provides compatibility and ease of deployment. This allows developers to write their AI applications once and seamlessly deploy them across numerous platforms, saving time and effort.
  • Support for Popular AI Frameworks: The Qualcomm AI Stack supports popular AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, and Keras. This compatibility allows developers to utilize their existing knowledge and models built on these frameworks. By seamlessly integrating with these frameworks, the Qualcomm AI Stack enables developers to accelerate their AI models without significant modifications.
  • Optimized Performance and Power Efficiency: The Qualcomm AI Stack incorporates advanced quantization and compression techniques for trained neural network models. These techniques enable developers to optimize their models for both performance and power efficiency. By reducing the computational requirements of AI models, the stack allows for faster inference and improved battery life on Qualcomm Technologies’ platforms.
  • Multiple Levels of Access: The Qualcomm AI Stack offers developers the freedom to choose different APIs to directly access accelerator cores. This flexibility enables developers to utilize the full potential of Qualcomm hardware accelerators and optimize their AI models accordingly. Whether it is the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK, Qualcomm AI Engine direct, ONNX Runtime, TFLite Micro, or other supported frameworks developers have access to a range of runtimes and libraries to suit their specific needs.
  • Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK and Qualcomm AI Engine Direct: Adding onto the point above, the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK and Qualcomm AI Engine direct are at the heart of the Qualcomm AI Stack, bridging between the silicon and popular AI frameworks. You can also use TensorFlow and ONNX directly with TFLite and ONNX RT as the delegate, providing freedom to developers to choose what environment they like to work in. Also, with the popularity of PyTorch, Qualcomm Technologies has teamed up with Meta to announce Qualcomm AI Stack support for ExecuTorch as the runtime for PyTorch. This is a new delegate that grants PyTorch developers easy access to the Qualcomm Hexagon NPU.
  • Domain-Specific SDKs: In addition to its broad platform support, the Qualcomm AI Stack integrates with domain-specific SDKs for segment-specific development. For example, the Snapdragon Ride SDK assists automotive suppliers and automakers in deploying autonomous driving features, while the Snapdragon Spaces SDK  provides a powerful framework to create AR, VR and MR experiences for XR glasses on Android mobile platform that intelligently adapt to any environment.

In sum, the Qualcomm AI Stack is a powerful and versatile software portfolio that empowers developers to optimize and deploy AI models across a wide range of platforms. With its unified approach, support for popular frameworks, optimized performance, and comprehensive developer tools, the Qualcomm AI Stack simplifies the AI development process and enables developers to unlock the full potential of AI on Qualcomm Technologies’ platforms.

AI Training and Courses with Qualcomm Academy

To learn more about the Qualcomm AI Stack, check out Qualcomm Academy’s free AI courses. We offer a wide range of AI training options that discuss the Qualcomm AI Stack, including the following courses:

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