Massive MIMO Courses Taught by Experienced Engineers

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    Two engineers working with Massive MIMO and 5G technology 

    The Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) offers a variety of 5G training courses taught by industry-leading engineers from Qualcomm Technologies. All courses are taught through our eLearning platform, so participants may learn online and at their own pace.

    Among the training offered by QWA are three courses that focus on massive MIMO. In this article, we discuss these three courses and how you can sign up.

    5G & Massive MIMO Training for Beginner-Level Engineers

    For engineers who are new to 5G technology and are looking to broaden their knowledge of Massive MIMO, we recommend enrolling in our 5G NR Technical Training course. This course offers a technical overview of key 5G technologies, including massive MIMO, beamforming, mmWave, network architecture, and more. Please visit the course page to learn more and sign up. This course can be purchased directly on our website.

    5G NR Massive MIMO and Active Antenna Systems

    Geared toward associate-level and advanced RF, Systems, and Network engineers, this course covers an introduction to massive MIMO, the evolution of massive MIMO, active antenna systems, beamforming, deployment considerations, and much more. Please view the course page to learn more about what this course offers and to sign up.

    Please note that this course is part of our corporate program, meaning your company must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to access the course content. Obtaining an NDA is a simple and quick process, but this means we can only offer this course to individuals through their companies.

    5G NR Massive MIMO Log Analysis Workshop

    This advanced hands-on workshop covers UE capabilities for massive MIMO, QCL and TCI states, SRS configuration and reporting, CSI-RS configuration and reporting, and connected-mode massive MIMO. Through this course, participants can analyze a variety of UE logs for massive MIMO related to UE capabilities for massive MIMO, TCI states configuration, CSI-RS configuration and reporting, and more. For more information and to sign up, please view the course page.

    Also, similar to the course above, this course is part of our corporate program, so we can only offer it to individuals through their companies and only after an NDA is obtained.

    About the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

    The Qualcomm Wireless Academy is the educational and training branch of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a world leader in 5G technology and wireless innovation. We provide premium training within several areas of the wireless engineering field, including 5G, LTE Advanced, C-V2X, WiFi, and more. We have courses for business professionals, engineers new to the field, and experienced wireless engineers. We also offer a corporate training program for companies looking to optimize their 5G capabilities.

    Students and trainees can take many of our courses online through our eLearning program, which offers dozens of online courses for those who prefer a more flexible learning style. For more information or to sign up for a course either as an individual or a company, please reach out to us at