5G Training in 2023

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As access to 5G continues to spread in 2023, we have expanded our 5G training portfolio even further. If you’re looking to enhance your 5G knowledge and skills this year, we recommend the following types of 5G training offered by the Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA):

5G Technology Training

At QWA, we offer an extensive range of 5G technology courses for engineers and non-engineers of all levels. If you’re looking for broad 5G technical training or high-level non-technical training, QWA has courses that can help you grow as a professional. We also offer more in-depth 5G technology training covering mmWave, voice, Release 16, sub-6 5G, massive MIMO, beam management, and more.

You may sign up for any course on our website or request training here.

Log Analysis & Troubleshooting Training

We offer nearly a dozen log analysis and troubleshooting workshops for wireless engineers looking to gain hands-on experience analyzing and troubleshooting logs. These workshops can help you understand the technological aspects of 5G in depth, as you will analyze real-world situations using Qualcomm Technologies tools.

You may learn more about the types of log analysis and troubleshooting training we offer here. Please note that all training courses in this category require a company-to-company agreement, so we can only offer this training to individuals through their companies.

5G Associate-Level Certification

In addition to our wide range of courses, we also offer a comprehensive 5G technical certification covering key aspects of 5G, such as technology fundamentals, 5G architecture, mmWave, beam management, massive MIMO, air interface operation, and much more. If you pass this certification program, you will receive a Qualcomm Technologies certificate that certifies you as proficient in key 5G technologies.

This certification program consists of three prep courses and one online proctored exam. The prep courses are conducted through our eLearning platform, so you may learn online and at your own pace. For more information and to begin your certification, visit our 5G Associate-Level Certification page.

About the Qualcomm Wireless Academy

The Qualcomm Wireless Academy is the educational and training branch of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Please see below for a brief overview of what we offer:

  • Flexible Learning: All courses are taught through our eLearning format, so participants may learn online and at their own pace. We can also set up live in-person or virtual training for groups of at least 15 employees.
  • Learn from the Experts: All courses are taught by industry-leading engineers from Qualcomm Technologies.
  • Diverse Course Portfolio: We offer a wide range of 5G and other wireless courses for engineers and non-engineers of all levels.

Start learning today at qwa.qualcomm.com or email us at qwa@qti.qualcomm.com.

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