5G University Program FAQs

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Please see below for FAQs related to the following aspects of our 5G University Program:

  • General University Program FAQs
  • 5G Training FAQs
  • 5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam FAQs
  • Qualcomm Recruitment-Related FAQs

General University Program FAQS:

What is the Qualcomm Wireless Academy (QWA) 5G University Program?

QWA’s 5G University Program is an opportunity for university students to receive 5G training and certification from a world leader in wireless technology. Students may sign up for two beginner-level 5G courses to learn about the importance of 5G, how it works, and the technologies that make it possible. These courses are available to students free of charge.

Upon completing the courses, students may choose to sign up for our 5G Introductory-Level Certification exam, which is based on the two training courses discussed above. If students pass the exam, they will receive a Qualcomm Technologies certificate.

In addition to the training and certification opportunities discussed above, students may also use this program to connect with Qualcomm recruiters. If students pass the certification exam, QWA will alert Qualcomm recruiters of the fact that they have received our 5G Introductory-Level Certificate. While this will not guarantee an interview or employment, students' internal candidate profiles will be tagged as 5G Introductory-Level Certificate recipients. Recruiters may reach out if they see a good fit for a position, but students are encouraged to apply directly to roles that they are interested in and qualified for here.  

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Who should enroll in QWA’s 5G University Program?

This program is meant for students who are looking to enhance their 5G knowledge and skills by receiving training and certification from an industry leader. This program is open to students pursuing any degree at any institution.

What are the benefits for students who participate in this program?

  • Premium 5G Training: Receive training directly from engineers who are inventing many of the technologies that make 5G possible.
  • Enhance Your Professional Portfolio: Receive an introductory-level 5G certification from Qualcomm Technologies.
  • Potential to Connect with Qualcomm Recruiters: If you pass the 5G Introductory-Level Certification exam and a recruiter sees a good fit for a job or internship at Qualcomm, he or she might reach out.

As a university representative, why should I promote this program to my students?

QWA’s 5G University Program allows you to provide your students with a free professional development and growth opportunity with a world leader in wireless technology. The program is also easy to set up and is flexible to meet your needs. All logistics can either be run through QWA’s website, or we can work with you to set up the program in a way that works best for your university.

5G Training FAQs:

As a student, to which courses do I gain access as a part of this program and how do these courses work?

The training component of QWA’s 5G University Program consists of the following two courses, both of which are taught through our flexible eLearning format, so you may learn online and at your own pace:

Are there any prerequisites for these courses?

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in these courses. You do not need any engineering or wireless technology experience.

How long will I have access to these two courses?

You will have access to each course for three months from the date you sign up for the courses. During this time, you may access each course as many times as you would like.

Will I receive a certificate for completing these courses?

If you would like to receive a formal certification based on the two university program courses, you may sign up for our 5G Introductory-Level Certification exam. You can find instructions for registering for this exam here.

Do I have to sign up for both courses at once?

Yes, please sign up for both courses at once.

Do the training courses come with study guides or notes?

The training courses are all taught through our eLearning format, and you will receive unlimited access to each course for six months from your date of purchase. Throughout those six months, you may access each course as many times as you would like to listen to lectures, view slides, and take your own notes. The courses do not come with formal study guides or additional notes, but the slides can act as sufficient study guides.

Are the prep courses only offered online?

While we offer live training for larger groups through companies, we do not offer live training for our university program. Both courses outlined above must be taken through our eLearning platform.

Who teaches the training courses?

Each course is taught by a Qualcomm Technologies engineer with extensive 5G experience.

5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam FAQs:

How long is the exam?

The exam consists of 30 questions. You will have 40 minutes to complete the exam.

How is the exam formatted? What types of questions are there?

All questions are in a multiple-choice or true/false format.

Where can I take the exam?

The exam is conducted online, so you may take it from any computer that has an internet connection. Please refer to our 5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam page for more information.

Am I allowed to have my notes while taking the exam?

You are not allowed to have any notes with you while taking the exam.

Is there a deadline for taking the exam once I purchase?

You must take the exam within one year of purchasing it.

Do I have to take the training courses to register for the exam?

No, you do not need to take the training courses to take the exam. However, seeing as all exam questions are pulled from the two courses, we recommend enrolling in them.

Qualcomm Recruitment-Related FAQs:

Please note that as of now, the recruitment aspect of this program is only available for students in North America. We hope to expand this to other parts of the world soon.

How does this aspect of the 5G University Program work?

You can find a detailed description of how this aspect of the program works toward the end of our 5G University Program page.

Am I guaranteed an interview by completing this program?

While completing this program will not guarantee an interview or employment, receiving our 5G introductory-level certification might give you a leg up in the interview process, as it will show Qualcomm recruiters that you have a basic understanding of 5G and have invested time in learning about the subject.

Where can I find information on open positions at Qualcomm?

You may view open positions at Qualcomm here: