5G University Program

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Qualcomm Academy is excited to offer students free 5G training, the opportunity to receive a 5G certification, and the opportunity to connect with Qualcomm recruiters! This program is open to students around the world pursuing any degree.

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Free 5G Training. Receive a 5G Certification. Connect with Qualcomm Recruiters.

The Qualcomm Academy 5G University Program aims to boost students’ 5G skills and potential career prospects with the following three components:

  1. Enroll in Free 5G Training: Grow your 5G knowledge and skills by enrolling in two free 5G courses taught by industry-leading engineers from Qualcomm Technologies. The courses (5G Primer and Fundamentals of Cellular Communication & 5G) cover an overview of 5G, how it works, and how it is transforming the way the world operates. Both courses are taught through our eLearning format, so you may learn online and at your own pace. Moreover, both courses are taught in English, with Mandarin subtitles available for "Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G."
  2. Receive a 5G Introductory-Level Certification: After completing the free training portion of this program, you may sign up for our 5G Introductory-Level Certification Exam that is based on the "Fundamentals of Cellular Communication and 5G" course discussed above. If you pass, you will receive a 5G certification from an industry leader! This certification can be used to show employers (including Qualcomm) that you have foundational knowledge of key 5G technologies. While the training outlined above is free, the certification exam costs $29. The exam is conducted in English, consists of 30 questions, and must be taken online.
  3. Connect with Qualcomm Recruiters: If you pass the certification exam, we will alert Qualcomm recruiters of the fact that you have received our 5G Introductory-Level Certificate. While this will not guarantee an interview or employment, your internal candidate profile will be tagged as a 5G Introductory-Level Certificate recipient. Recruiters may reach out if they see a good fit for a position, but you are encouraged to apply directly to roles that you are interested and qualified for here.    

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