In One Minute, What is mmWave?

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Millimeter wave (mmWave) technology is a form of wireless communication that utilizes the high frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves. These waves are typically in the range of 24 GHz to 300 GHz, which is much higher than the frequency spectrum used for traditional wireless communication such as Wi-Fi and legacy cellular communication. The higher frequency of mmWave can facilitate data transmission at much higher speeds and with greater efficiency than traditional wireless communication.

mmWave technology is used in a variety of applications, including radar systems and satellite communication. It is also being used for 5G networks to provide significantly faster and lower latency internet connections. In comparisons across multiple commercial deployments in the US, 5G mmWave networks are 38x faster than 4G networks and 19x faster than 5G sub-6 networks. The technology can be used for applications such as AR/ VR, high-quality video transmission, in high-capacity venues, and smart cities, as the higher speeds and lower packet latency offered by mmWave can enable more efficient operation and superior user-experience.

Due to the high frequency of mmWave, it has a limited range compared to the legacy systems. While it may not be the best candidate for wide-area coverage, its higher throughput and network capacity enable near-term cost-efficient deployments in key environments such as fixed broadband access to homes and smalls businesses, train stations and transit hubs, offices, outdoor hot zones such as city centers, malls, and venues.

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