Common Use Cases for Industrial IoT

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    Industrial IoT is changing the way many businesses operate. In this article, we discuss what Industrial IoT is, how it is used, and how you can receive 5G and Industrial IoT training with experienced engineers from Qualcomm Technologies.

    What is Industrial IoT?

    In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been making its way into industrial settings, allowing businesses to take advantage of connected devices and the vast amounts of data they generate. Industrial IoT (IIoT) can transform how businesses (e.g. industrial/manufacturing) manage their operations, improve efficiency, and scale their production.

    By connecting thousands of sensors, controllers, automated equipment, and other devices to each other and to a network, IIoT solutions can:

    • Collect and analyze real-time operational data
    • Provide unprecedented insight into business processes
    • Locate inefficiencies
    • Lead to data-driven and customized solutions and decisions
    • Facilitate rapid implementation of solutions on a massive scale

    How is Industrial IoT Used?

    The following are four of the most important use cases for IIoT:

    1. Automation & Process Optimization: By connecting machines and devices to the cloud, businesses can automate their processes and optimize them for maximum efficiency.
    2. Predictive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance is one of the most common use cases for IIoT. By connecting machines and devices to the cloud, IIoT solutions can monitor them in real-time and identify potential problems before they cause downtime. This can help businesses avoid costly repairs and reduce downtime by performing maintenance before a breakdown occurs.
    3. Secure Asset & Inventory Tracking: IIoT allows companies to easily track assets and inventory throughout large warehouses, factories, or other storage facilities using a common framework. For example, seaports can use IIoT to securely track millions of goods stored on thousands of shipping containers.
    4. Creating a More Flexible & Efficient Working Environment: IIoT allows companies and factories to replace massive amounts of communication wires with a more efficient and flexible wireless network. This makes altering workspaces and adopting new strategies much easier, as companies no longer have to reconfigure wires and renovate workspaces each time they want to shift what they are doing.

    Receive 5G and Industrial IoT Technical Training with Qualcomm Technologies

    Qualcomm is driving a comprehensive roadmap of end-to-end technologies for IoT expansion. In the spirit of Qualcomm’s investment in IoT, the Qualcomm Wireless Academy has introduced an in-depth IoT technical training course to teach engineers about the latest 5G and IIoT technology.

    Our 5G NR for Industrial IoT Technical Training course covers a wide range of IIoT-related topics and aims to give engineers an in-depth technical understanding of the technology. The course is online, self-paced, and taught by an experienced engineer from Qualcomm Technologies.

    You may learn more about this course and purchase it directly on our website here.

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